The 4 Workplace Conversations and Why Only 1 Is the Right Conversation

Most workplace conversations are not productive and nor efficient and that is because 75% of conversations people are engaged in the wrong conversation.

There are only four possible conversations that can occur in any workplace and in this session participants will explore all four and leave understanding why their conversations are not as productive as they could be, while learning specific communication strategies, tips, tools, and techniques to transform the three "wrong" workplace conversations into more of the one "right" conversation.

Skip created this concept in an improvisational moment responding to a question from a participant in a leadership team development session for a large animal hospital client about 10-years ago. He included an explanation of the concept in a chapter of his book on Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication SINs that focused on the communication sin of a "Lack of Directness & Candor."

After This Session Participants Will Be Able to:

  • Identify the only four possible workplace conversations and determine which conversations they are or have been engaged in fall into each category.
  • Define, in advance, the "right" conversation for the moment and the situation they are experiencing so they can get it "right" more of the time.
  • Apply specific communication strategies, tips, tools, and techniques to transition conversations from the wrong conversation to the right conversation quickly.
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Program Length Options:

  • Half-Day (up to three-hour) training
  • 60-90 minute in-person mini-workshop
  • 45-90 minute in-person seminar or virtual presentation (Great for 'lunch & learn' sessions)
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