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Former professional baseball CEO and current small business coach and consultant specializing in leadership, workplace, and team communication that leads to championship level results!

Welcome to LCE, I'm Skip Weisman

After 20-years in professional baseball, 16 of those serving as CEO for five franchises, I left the game after the 2001 season having fulfilled all my goals in the career of my dreams.

It was time for a new challenge and new lifestyle.

As I began coaching and consulting with the owners and senior leaders of both small and large companies, I noticed a pattern in how they were communicating.

I noticed them making the same communication mistakes in leading their workplace personnel, including their most influential senior leaders, their front-line employees, and everyone in between. 

It was good for me that I had also noticed that these mistakes were the exact same mistakes I made as a young leader when I stepped into my first baseball CEO role at the age of 26.

With that background and experience, I was well positioned to help make a difference for these business leaders and the people that work with them.

My career has come full circle as my original course of study for my career was communication, as I received Bachelors Degree in "Communication" from Ohio University and then took a 20-year detour into the world of professional sports, attaining a Master's Degree in Sports Administration, which allowed me to truly fulfill my childhood dream career.

Keynote Speaking

In 2009 I wrote an article for an online human resources magazine, titled "The 5 Habits of a CHAMP."

Within 3 hours of that article being posted on the web, I received a phone call from a meeting planner in northern California asking me to speak on that topic at a conference that spring. I had never done a keynote speech before, never mind the expected audience of 1,500. The event was in May, the call came in January and I decided I had five months to learn how to deliver a keynote speech on a big stage. I hired a speaking coach and got to work. 

Amazingly, when it was done I received a standing ovation. I was hooked on professional speaking. Since then, I've delivered hundreds of keynote speeches, general session programs, and workshops to audiences from 50-1500.

"You really inspired me! Your keynote address gave me the guts to begin shouting from the mountaintop... 'Hire me, I am good at what I do' "

Mark Curtis

TV Anchor, Reporter, Political Analyst & Author


"Skip, your closing keynote at this year's New Jersey MGMA conference was enlightening, powerful, and empowering!"

Heather Zolodek

Practice Manager, Virtua Health, New Jersey

The Book

By 2017 I had been coaching and consulting with business leaders on leadership communication and the culture of communication in their workplaces, for 16 years. In 2011 I wrote a 35-page white paper on the pattern of communication mistakes I witnessed in virtually all of my clients over those early years of my business. Six years of additional client experiences gave me the confidence and the depth in my approach to leadership and workplace communication to write and publish my book. 

It is one of the two greatest accomplishments in my professional life. If you're reading this and you are intrigued to learn about the other one, from my baseball career, feel free to ask me anytime. I love sharing that story, too!

The book is available in paperback, Kindle, and Aubible.

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Communication will make or break your company's success and its longevity in creating results for you, your family, and your employees and their families.

There are three primary contexts that business leaders must assess and improve. Most leaders tell me, "communication can always improve."

What about in you and your company? How confident are you in your ability to exert your positive influence as a leader?

Would it make sense for us to jump on a brief introductory, no-obligation call to explore the possibilities and the potential of transforming communication in and around you, your company and your people?

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