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Helping experienced, novice, and aspiring
leaders to consistently communicate to
earn respect, build trust, and get results!



  • experienced,
  • novice, and
  • aspiring leaders,

to consistently communicate to
earn respect, build trust, and
get results!



Where Do You Need To Start?

Leadership Communication to Create a High-Performance Team or Company Culture

Learn how to communicate to lead your team to a positive, productive, high-performance culture.


Build Your  Leadership Communication Confidence at 3  Levels & in 6 Contexts

Learn and practice the leadership communication strategies and techniques of the world's best leaders.


Leadership Communication Workshops, Seminars & Web Trainings for Your Organization

Explore the various dynamic leadership, workplace, and teamwork communication workshop topics.


5 Ways to Serve You & Your Team Members

  • Executive Leadership Coaching;
  • Leadership Team Meeting Facilitation;
  • On-Site Leadership Communication Training Workshops;
  • On-Line Virtual Leadership Communication Training;
  • Company Event Keynote Speeches

Communicating as a Champion Leader Starts Here!

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3 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Communication to Become a More Assertive, Confident Leader So That...

  • You can exert positive influence regardless of your position and level of authority

  • You are seen and respected as a leader

  • People accept your 'constructive feedback' and still like you

  • Your ideas and opinions are heard and seriously considered

  • You can delegate to develop your direct reports

  • People meet your deadlines without you chasing after them

  • You can build bench-strength in your team for succession

  • You can speak up for yourself and get what you want and need to build your business, your people, and/or your career!
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The 3 Communication Traits of Champion Leaders

The best business and organizational leaders and coaches that regularly have their teams contending for a championship communicate with a very specific style that is their habit of communicating to motivate. 

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Skip Literally Wrote the Book on Leadership & Workplace Communication

This book is the culmination of more than a decade of Skip's work helping small business leaders create more positive, productive, and profitable work environments by improving how company leaders and all personnel communicate.

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Garry Williams

Utility Survey Corp.

"We had some serious problems with our employees, and inside of an hour conversation Skip told me it was a 'communication' problem.

"I didn't see how it could have been that easy, but, it was. Skip was absolutely right. And, he helped me become a better communicator and transformed our company's bottom-line results!"

Linda MacFarlane

CEO, Hudson-Greene Federal
Credit Union

"After working with Skip for just about six weeks, our leadership team is communicating much better and working better together as a team.

"The members of our leadership team now respect the value each other and each other's department plays in making our credit union serve our members at the highest level."

Dayne Riddell

Owner, Gilmours
Hamilton, New Zealand

After just 90-days of working with Skip from half-way around the world, our senior leadership team has improved its productivity and focus has almost doubled. We are much more effective thanks to Skip's organizing a program for us to improve how we communicate as a team.


I'm Skip Weisman


After a 20-year career in professional baseball, 16 of which I served as CEO of five professional baseball teams, I left behind the career of my childhood dream to start a new one, as a small business coach, consultant, and professional speaker. I never thought I'd also become a published author.

It's my coaching and consulting philosophy that the leadership communication strategies and habits that create championship performance on the athletic field create profitable high- performance in business, and I work with my clients to bring those strategies and habits into their workplaces.

Thanks for stopping by and exploring my work.