The 3 Levels of Communication Influence: How the Best Leaders Become The Best Leaders

To climb the corporate ladder or reach the pinnacle of success in even the smallest business leaders must learn to master the three levels of communication influence.

Each of the three levels influence the other two and aspiring leaders in this will explore the components that make up each of the three levels, assess their level of mastery at each level and commit to investing time, energy and personal resources to improve at the level they deem most important to them in their career development.

After This Session Participants Will Be Able to:

  • Identify the three most important levels of leadership communication they need to master, as well as encourage those they lead to master.
  • Identify specific strategies within each of the three levels in which they need to further develop for maximum effectiveness.
  • Commit to focusing on one of the three levels for their first area of deeper development
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Program Length Options:

  • Half-Day (up to three-hour) training
  • 60-90 minute in-person mini-workshop
  • 45-90 minute in-person seminar or virtual presentation (Great for 'lunch & learn' sessions)
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