Leadership Communication to Create a Team or Company Culture of High-Performance

Organizations large and small, in all industries, suffer from three severely damaging and extremely common leadership communication problems.

As my former client Gary Williams told me after our project was done...

"We started working with Skip because we had serious problems with our employees. In less than an hour you diagnosed it as a 'communication' problem.

"I didn't see how it could have been that easy, but, it was. Skip, you were absolutely right! You helped me become a better communicator to lead my company and it transformed our bottom-line results!"

Like Gary, most organizational leaders don't know the cause of their most frustrating, costly, workplace and company culture problems. I do.

Almost any work environment problem can be solved by looking into how the "The 3 Primary Leadership Communication Sins" are impacting the work environment.

I first wrote about these communication sins in a white paper in 2011 that eventually became my first published book Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication SINs: A New Standard for Workplace Communication.

The 3 Primary Leadership Communication Sins include:

  • A Lack of Specificity that leads to a lack of clarity
  • A Lack of Directness and Candor that causes misunderstandings and unmet expectations
  • A Lack of Immediacy, Urgency, and Promptness that allows the problems caused by the first two to fester, grow, and infest, the work environment causing a toxic culture.