Build Your Leadership Communication Confidence at 3 Levels & in 5 Contexts

How well people follow you is impacted by just one thing, how well you communicate as a leader.

The challenge is that the skill singular skill of leadership communicationactually has three levels and five contexts (see below).


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Skip's Leadership Communication Confidence Coaching Client Results

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Joshua Kiravalathu, Owner
Texas Strong Power Motorsports
Irving, Texas
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Garry Williams, Owner Utility Survey Corp.
Washingtonville, NY
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Vince Lemma, Partner
Antalek & Moore Insurance
Beacon, NY

The Leadership Communication Competency Pyramid


    1. The 3 Leadership Communication Competencies 

Context Level 1: Self-Communication

Context Level 2: One-on-One Communication (Peer to Peer, Subordinate to Supervisor, Supervisor to Subordinate)

Context Level 3: Public & Group Communication

3a) Presenting from in front of the room,

3b) Leading/facilitating meetings, and

3c) Contributing and being heard from around the conference room table

    1. The best leaders are masters of communication across each of these levels and contexts. Your level of leadership success is also determined by:
      1. What you say
      2. How you say it, and
      3. When you say it.
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